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Standard Saatchi Gallery and Google+ Announce The Motion Photography Prize


ist eher aus Originaltätsgründen hier gelandet ;-)

Nur für Leute, die des Englischen mächtig sind:

Saatchi Gallery and Google+ Announce The Motion Photography Prize:


With the ubiquity of smart phones and rise in photo-sharing services, the world has recently exploded with photographers from all backgrounds who are embracing new technology to tell their stories in innovative ways.

Motion photography has emerged as a new trend, but until now required special tools and know-how. Google+ allows users to effortlessly and automatically animate a series of still photographs and turn them into motion photography.

In recognition of the exciting potential of this new technology, the Saatchi Gallery and Google+ announce the Motion Photography Prize, inviting photographers all over the world to celebrate this new creative art form.
Alles Weitere & das Kleingedruckte unter dem ellenlangen Link oben ;-


What prizes can you win?
The top six finalists, chosen by a jury of forward-thinkers including the film director Baz Luhrmann, artists Shezad Dawood and Cindy Sherman among others, will show their work in a special exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery and win a trip to London to attend the private view with a friend.

The overall winner will have the opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime with a photographer or filmmaker of their choice.

The exhibition will also be featured online on Saatchi Art, the world's largest online gallery for emerging artists.
Good Lucks, everybody!
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